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Brain Needs to Reset After Addiction

17 Sep 2013 | Under Main Blog | Posted by | 1 Comment

Farrah Abraham is in the news because of her relapse after leaving rehab. The media has been enthralled by Abraham’s relapse. But what many people don’t realize is that it typically takes anywhere from 30-90 days of abstinence from drugs before the brain can even reset back to normal. In other words, rehab is just the […]

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Do You Have A Relapse Prevention Plan In Place?

5 Sep 2013 | Under Main Blog | Posted by | 1 Comment

Many addicts and their families want to know: What happens after treatment, once you have committed to making your recovery process work? Significant lifestyle changes are usually not easy to maintain. Sticking to a new program with an eye toward relapse prevention requires support, clarity and commitment, among other things. Change requires commitment, and sometimes, […]

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An Addict in Relapse Mode

23 Aug 2013 | Under Main Blog | Posted by | 2 Comments

One of the biggest blocks to addiction recovery is addictive thinking; But what is it, exactly? One of the facts of addiction and addiction recovery is that there is a constant internal pull toward the use of drugs and alcohol despite a desire to not use. Addictive thoughts are those that appear to make it […]

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Theory of Addiction

21 Aug 2013 | Under Main Blog | Posted by | 0 Comments

When people contact us seeking information about addiction often they ask the same question. What causes addiction? We tell them about the four theories of addiction, the genetic theory, the environmental theory, the psychological theory, and the spiritual theory, which merely gives them a basic understanding. When discussing the theories we often repeat that we […]

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